Blast Update

Please be advised, the next blast has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th between 2pm and 4pm. As the schedule is weather dependent, further updates will be issued leading up to the day of blasting.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Project Update

Hammond River Holdings request to pursue an opportunity to sell low purity gypsum/anhydrite has been approved. As part of the approval HRH has agreed to adhering to the following conditions.

  1. Should on-site crushing be required, the low purity gypsum/anhydrite must not be crushed to a diameter less than approximately 15-20cm (i.e., should not be crushed finer than gypsum material is already crushed on site.)
  2. Measures to reduce dust during processing, handling, and transportation must be implemented to the same standard (minimum) that are already applied to the gypsum product as described in the Environmental Management Plan for Operation (e.g., controlling dust with water as required when temperatures are above freezing).
  3. All loads must be covered during transport.
  4. Transportation of low-purity gypsum/anhydrite is limited to a yearly maximum or 600 loads, a daily maximum of eight (8) 22 Tonne loads, or equivalent )e.g., four 45-T loads). Any daily increase in trucking of this material must first be approved by the EIA Branch Director, ELG.
  5. Daily quantities (T) and number of loads of low purity-gypsum/anhydrite transported off site must be tracked.
  6. HRH must continue to maintain a log of public complaints related to the quarrying and transportation of all products.

Any questions please feel free to contact me directly. 


Project Manager
Office: 506-633-3331   |   Cell: 506-650-0701