Lastly, there does not appear to be a definitive statement anywhere in the submitted document that avoidance of the wetland and watercourse features in the northeast portion of the project, and their respective buffer zones, would absolutely render this proposal unfeasible. Since this was not clearly stated / identified at the outset, there should be little rational for permitting / preferring habitat destruction and compensation over simple avoidance.

Imposing a 30 m buffer from WC1 and WL3 would reduce the operational width of the quarry in this area from approximately 435 m to 315 m, or a corresponding 30% reduction in surface area. The shape of the resource also thickens toward the northeast corner of the Project site. Imposing a 30 m wetland and watercourse buffer, in conjunction with sloping and benching requirements prescribed by WorkSafe NB, would prematurely pinch out the floor of the quarry above a significant portion of the resource. thus making the Project economically unfeasible.