My family own's 40 plus acres on route 111, we have concerns about an early 1800's graveyard that is fairly close to the road . Can you assure us that no road widening will accure? We understand the Government owns a certain amount of set back on the sides of the roads, if they were to widen the road would they not claim additional set back ie. Landowners current property? Would hydro lines also need to be set back & at who's expense? So far this project seems to costly to our way of life and our wallets, rural peace & quiet traded for higher traffic volume & higher taxes. Not fair to locals who will gain nothing! Currently Irving trucks gypsum from Nova Scotia to St. John wallboard plant ,what happens to those truck drivers? Are those jobs lost? Or will some or all of those drivers be employed here on this project? Meaning no real jobs created?

No widening of Route 111 or Route 820, or hydro line movement, is anticipated as part of this project.

Currently, the rock used at the wallboard plant is brought in by rail from Nova Scotia. It runs on rail routes that are heavily used by other industries and therefore, is not anticipated to reduce the jobs of anyone working on either the CN or NBSR rail lines. All estimates of increased jobs due to the project are new positions in New Brunswick, not the shifting of resources. Securing a domestic supply of gypsum for our plant also removes external risk to the supply chain and helps protect over 100 jobs in the region.