The EIA document glossed over the effects on livestock- several homes near the PDA have horses, cows, chickens, turkeys etc., all of which may be disturbed by the noise, dust, and general activities of the Project- it is possible that the stress of the activities on these animals may interfere with egg/milk production, and excessive stress can also cause morbidity. Why does the EIA registration document not go into detail on these potential effects on livestock, and what mitigation can be done? I would argue there is no solution to the stress that these animals will experience.

Noise and other effects are fully and transparently acknowledged in the EIA Registration, in both the Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat section as well as in the Socioeconomic Environment section.  Those effects were determined by the study team (which includes scientists and biologists) to be not significant in their professional judgement.  The distance to the nearest farms in the area are such that noise and dust are not expected to be measurable. This was assessed based on noise and air quality tests administered as part of the EIA process.