The reasons for citizens to make sound decisions in regards to personal, business, and political motivations where ecological impacts exist have never been more defined, compelling, and available than they are right now in mainstream modern society. Corporations and Elected Governments are at a moment in time where even the most recent understandings, assertions, and policies need to be challenged as possibly out of date in the context of rapidly increasing depth of knowledge, social interest, and awareness of importance of intact ecosystems. As a citizen do you really feel that the development of the Gypsum mine within the bounds of a sensitive watershed where Alantic Salmon spawn is a good idea? At what point does your organization do the right thing environmentally? How are the importance of the ecological systems you effect categorized, weighted, and represented within the fundamental cost framework of your project development strategy?

We are committed to responsible operations, including this new project. The EIA process provides a complete and rigorous review of impacts on air, land and water. In this effort we are engaging third party experts and welcome feedback. If there is research or data you believe would be helpful in this process, please forward it via this email address. With regard to Atlantic Salmon, JDI has been a longstanding supporter and voluntary investor in research, conservation and is one of a few in the country with a full time wildlife biologist and naturalist. The work of CAST ( is a most recent example of our efforts to help restore wild Atlantic salmon populations.