What are the "suitable adaptive measures" that will be implemented when residents' property values decrease? Please elaborate.

The suitable adaptive measures that would be appropriate are unique and are determined on a case-by-case basis considering the conditions observed at the time.  It should be noted that Hammond River Holdings has taken the same approach on the real estate values portion of the EIA as similar projects across the province. Property values can be influenced by multiple market forces that may be at play at any given time, and it is difficult to attribute a specific cause to such changes.  Also, as stated in the EIA Registration, the body of evidence relating to whether property values are generally positively or negatively affected by the presence of a nearby industrial operation is highly uncertain.

In the unlikely event that property values in the area experience significant change during the life of the Project, the root cause of those changes would be determined, and actions would then be defined if the Project is determined to be responsible for a change.  In such a case, it is likely that a market study would need to be conducted by a qualified real estate professional to determine a cause-and-effect, and to define appropriate response mechanisms and adaptive measures to be considered.  Residents would need to be consulted directly to determine their needs and desires, since individuals may have different wishes. For example, one may want assistance in selling their home whereas another may simply enjoy lower property taxes. Such issues are individual concerns that are best addressed on a case-by-case basis.